Day/Night Treatment With Community Housing

Our Solutions’ Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a day/night treatment facility that offers clients 24/7 recovery services and support to navigate the unstable landscape of emotions that come with early recovery. Following a medical detoxification, we will continue to address post-acute withdrawal using a varied array of approaches, including traditional medical interventions coupled with cutting-edge technologies such as neuro-auricular stimulation and nuero-signaling to help the client feel more at peace and focused during group and individual therapy. We treat not only drug and/or alcohol addiction, but also co-occurring disorders and body image disorders. Our drug rehab, co-occurring, and body image disorder treatment programs are intensive and focused on building relapse prevention skills.

Upon arrival, our medical and clinical team performs an assessment of each client in order to determine which level of care is appropriate. If a client has already met the criteria for exit from a PHP, we will consider placing him or her in our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and/or Outpatient Program (OP). At Our Solutions, we offer a step-down approach that tries to meet every client at his or her individual stage of recovery.

A Comprehensive Approach to Recovery

Our Partial Hospitalization Program aims to mirror the daily life of someone who does not use drugs or alcohol, as well as focuses on treating the underlying condition that caused the addiction or worsened the addiction in the first place. To that end, we offer group therapy, individual counseling, fellowship support, recreational therapy, and alternative modalities such as hypnotherapy and EMDR. The residence provides a home-like atmosphere that facilitates healthy, family-style living.

Many people find that removing themselves from their daily lives and external influences allows for a full immersion in the recovery process. A new environment can often help clients through the recovery process, as they are not triggered by environmental factors.

Once a client has completed the Partial Hospitalization Program, the next step is our Intensive Outpatient Program that offers the flexibility to incorporate treatment into their daily lives. Clients attend weekly sessions, including group and individual therapy.

Through all levels of care, Our Solutions encourages family involvement. Clinical data supports that family therapy is the most productive type of therapy at creating change because it alters the larger system within which the client is a part. Family feedback and education help the client begin to create accountability—building a solid foundation for lasting sobriety and recovery.

If you or a family member is suffering from addiction or a co-occurring disorder, it is time to end the suffering and seek help at a professional treatment center. Our admissions team is standing by to walk you through the process. Please contact us today. All communication with our staff is confidential.