Family Services

At Our Solutions, we treat addiction as what we believe it to be, a family disease. Drug and alcohol addiction not only affects the individual who is using, but also family, loved ones, and friends—ironically, clients who are addicted will often shut out or hurt the very people whose support and forgiveness they most need in order to get sober and recover. We understand that clients are not the only ones who are affected by addiction; they are surrounded by people who also need help in order to heal from the effects of their loved one’s addiction.

Through all levels of care, we offer help for families of drug addicts. We encourage family therapy at every step of treatment. Clinical data supports that family therapy is the most productive type of therapy at creating change because it alters the larger system within which the client is a part. Family feedback and education help the client begin to create accountability.

Family Involvement Every Step of the Way

The family is integrated into the recovery process by keeping loved ones informed throughout treatment, providing visitation information, offering communication with the therapist, and recommending family therapy sessions if that is appropriate.

As we create customized individual treatment plans for each of our clients, our staff will try to include family and friends along the way, in the pre-admissions, admissions, treatment, and aftercare processes. We believe that treatment will be improved overall by involving the people who are interwoven into the client’s life, or who have most likely had a profound effect on the course of his or her addiction. In this way, our goal is to restore trust and re-create a family dynamic toward one of honesty and accountability among all members.

Some of the ways we involve the family include:

  • During the admission process, Our Solutions makes its staff available to answer family members’ questions or concerns.
  • We involve the family when tailoring treatment programs for our clients, sometimes incorporating family therapy sessions.
  • During treatment, family members are kept up to date on the progress of the client.
  • We offer extended aftercare support to both clients and family members to help them deal with ongoing triggers and educate them on relapse prevention tools.
  • We offer local resources for families, and encourage families to visit clients in treatment or engage in family support groups with other families who are also battling the addiction of someone they love.

Open Dialogue

We encourage family members to contact Our Solutions whenever a question or concern comes up. Throughout the client’s treatment, our staff is ready to maintain an open dialogue with the client’s family. Whether by phone or email, in person or via Skype, family members will be regularly made aware of a client’s treatment progress—and can choose to engage in that process, if appropriate.

If you or a loved one needs help for addiction or a co-occurring disorder, please contact us immediately for a complimentary assessment and professional guidance. Our admissions team is here to for you and all communication with our staff is confidential.