The next step once IOP is completed—or clients have entered our facility directly for outpatient rehab—is the Outpatient Program (OP). This program offers much more flexibility than the PHP or IOP, catering to clients who need to work or go to school, or who simply want to get back to a normal routine of spending evenings with family and friends. Outpatient clients still keep appointments with their therapists, attend meetings, and receive support from the Our Solutions staff while they transition from treatment to a sober lifestyle. Once a client is ready to move on from the Outpatient Program, we offer ongoing support and relapse prevention education.

Customized to Individual Treatment Needs

Knowing that no two people are alike, our medical experts and certified addiction professionals and support staff work together to create individualized treatment programs for each and every client, keeping in mind the recovery needs of family members, loved ones, and friends—addiction affects everyone, not just the person struggling with substance abuse. All programs are also tailored to a client’s schedule, and how much time he or she can afford to invest in outpatient rehab considering any other commitments.

Our Solutions strives for its programs, whether PHP, IOP, or OP, to mirror the daily life of someone who does not use drugs or alcohol, as well as to focus on treating the underlying issues that caused the addiction or worsened the addiction in the first place. To that end, we offer individual and family therapy, co-occurring treatment programs, nutritional services, and other holistic methods. Clients in our Outpatient Program can participate in group and individual sessions, including art therapy, music therapy, and creative techniques that are tailored to motivate each client. Our experienced therapists also utilize trauma therapy treatment models such as hypnotherapy, psychodrama, and EMDR.

The staff at Our Solutions strives to treat every client with dignity and respect. It is our belief that every person is worth the maximum effort, as his or her success fuels our passion for helping. Everyone involved in the treatment experience shares the same underlying goal—to be of service to the client. Using the principles of the 12-step program, we teach clients how to understand each step, how it applies to his or her life, how to live through each step, starting with being honest, having hope, and having a power greater than themselves to believe in.

Our admissions counselors are available to answer questions and provide guidance to those seeking outpatient treatment for themselves or a loved one. Contact us today to start your journey toward healing and recovery.