Our Solutions implements a step-down approach to treatment. Clients typically start treatment in our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), and then “step down” to the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Sometimes our clients begin their program in the IOP or come to Our Solutions from another treatment center so that they may continue their recovery with us. All of Our Solutions’ drug treatment programs, from 24-hour day/night treatment to outpatient programs, are focused on building relapse prevention skills.

The IOP is intensive outpatient treatment for substance abuse and alcohol addiction, co-occurring disorders, and body image disorders. It is for clients who don’t need 24/7 support but still like the benefits of a full-staffed treatment center. Some clients do not require the intensity of inpatient rehab, instead preferring and possibly benefiting most from the flexibility of a program that allows them to incorporate treatment into their daily lives. Our IOP has clients attend a minimum of three sessions per week, including group and individual therapy.

IOP is tailored to every individual client’s needs and preferences. In order to accommodate a diversity of clients, we offer daytime and evening IOP tracks within a supervised treatment center setting. Our Solutions’ IOP admits clients on an individual basis, pending individual stage of treatment and severity of addiction or other mental health issues.

Daytime IOP

The Daytime IOP provides a structured routine with scheduled individual and group therapy sessions. While the Daytime IOP is an outpatient program offering structure and supervision, it also offers clients the flexibility to simultaneously search for jobs, work, or go to school or attend classes. Every client receives customized care to serve his or her needs in every stage of recovery.

Evening IOP

Our Evening IOP offers the same support, structure, and supervision as the Daytime IOP, but also offers clients the flexibility to make their appointments to meet with counselors, therapists, and attend group meetings in the evenings and on the weekends. The Evening IOP is an ideal treatment program for clients who want ongoing support and relapse prevention training, but who work during the day or have family responsibilities that don’t permit meeting during the day. Evening IOP still requires all the same commitments as daytime IOP, including making all appointments and staying accountable to the treatment plan. Like the Daytime IOP, every client enrolled in Evening IOP receives customized care to serve his or her needs in every stage of recovery.

If you or a family member is in need of a step-down program to provide structure and support in recovery, it is time to seek help from qualified professionals. Our admissions team is standing by to walk you through the process. Please contact us today. All communication with our staff is confidential.