Detox Partners

For some people, detox might be a necessary first step as they seek treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction. Our Solutions partners with reputable drug detox centers that offer a safe, medical detoxification process before entering our residential treatment center.

Detox may be a requisite first step for clients who choose to seek treatment while drugs and alcohol are still in their systems. Detoxification is a medical process through which clients can rid their systems of drugs and alcohol as well as the immediate effects and withdrawal symptoms of stopping the intake of drugs and alcohol. Detox is supervised by medical staff who often choose to use medications to ease the negative side effects of withdrawal. Detox is often a necessary first step in treating a drug or alcohol addiction, whether or not clients choose to utilize a drug detox center partnered with a residential drug treatment center like Our Solutions.

Find a Detox Center

After a client has consulted with the professional staff at Our Solutions, we will then refer him or her to one of our reputable partners. These partners are drug detox centers that offer the highest quality facilities. After detoxing, clients will be transferred to Our Solutions to engage in one of our drug addiction treatment programs. In this way, Our Solutions strives to ensure a customized, carefully crafted treatment plan for every client, one that will produce the most benefit to the client and his or her family, loved ones, friends, and anyone else affected by his or her addiction or mental health disorder.

Step-down Approach to Recovery

Our Solutions’ Day/Night treatment program offers clients 24/7 recovery services and support. While some clients don’t need our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for drug rehab, many people find that removing themselves from their daily lives and external factors and influences allows for a full immersion in the recovery process.

Our Solutions performs an assessment of each client in order to determine which level of care is appropriate. If a client has already met the criteria for exit from a PHP, we will consider placing him or her in our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and/or Outpatient Program (OP). At Our Solutions, we offer a step-down approach that tries to meet every client at his or her individual stage of recovery.

Are you or a loved one looking for a safe, medical detox from drugs or alcohol? Our Solutions can help you find a reputable drug detox center, followed by an intensive treatment recovery program led by expert therapists and medical professionals. Call today to speak with our admissions team – all communications with our staff are confidential.