Sex Therapy

Sex and love addiction is a type of disorder where clients experience recurring and increasing thoughts of sex, and engage in sexual behavior or have sex in a compulsive fashion. Often, it has a negative impact on many aspects of their lives, and can also trigger other mental health disorders like substance use problems, depression and anxiety, body image issues, and eating disorders. Sex addicts rely on sex to increase their self-esteem or validate their self-image, and this can cause or be directly related to body dysmorphic disorder.

Sex addicts have difficulty curbing their sexual feelings and act out often and without control. Like all addictions, their substance of choice can become more important than everything else in their lives, including personal relationships, school, or their professional lives. Most people with sex and love addiction don’t know how to be intimate, which contributes to the progression of their addiction—having sex without connection, and moving on, despite feeling worthless, ashamed, or helpless.

Our Solutions knows that treating sex and love addiction requires a multi-pronged approach. To that end, we offer psychosexual therapy alongside or in conjunction with addiction recovery services. Call us today to get started on the road to recovery.

Signs of Sex and Love Addiction

There are definitive signs of sex and love addiction, depending on how the client has chosen to act out their addiction—whether or not they seek sex with strangers, where, how often, and other personal preferences. Some of the warning signs include:

  • Obsessive and/or compulsive sexual thoughts and behavior
  • Inappropriate sexual behavior, like having sex with a co-worker or boss
  • Having secret sex, or engaging in dangerous situations to have sex
  • Using sex as a coping mechanism or as a way to avoid confronting other issues
  • Feeling ashamed while also using sex as a way to self-validate or feel worthy

If you recognize any of these signs of sex addiction in yourself or a loved one, you have come to the right place. Seeking help for any kind of addiction can be scary, but Our Solutions’ experienced, caring staff is here to help.

Effects of Sex and Love Addiction

Sex and love addiction can negatively affect behavior, relationships, and overall health—emotional and physical. Health-related effects of sex and love addiction include risky sex that can lead to unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), physical pain or damage, or other related problems. Being addicted to sex can cause problems at work, compromise otherwise healthy relationships with friends and family, and possibly lead to dangerous situations, crime, or legal problems. Having compulsive sexual relationships can also be a way to avoid dealing with other, possibly more serious problems such as mental health or substance use disorders. Our Solutions believes that sex and love addiction, like other addictions, is a family disease—it can negatively affect not only the person addicted, but also his or her family members, loved ones, and friends.

When to Seek Treatment for Sex and Love Addiction

If you think you or a family member is suffering from sex and love addiction and is showing signs and effects of a substance use disorder, it is time to contact Our Solutions for a treatment consultation. All communication is confidential.